The rubber gloves and my father

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The rubber gloves and my father

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my father caught me jerking off with rubber gloves
I was about twelve years old, and since I was about eight I began to have a strange fixation with rubber gloves, I took the ones that my mother had in the kitchen and I love to put them on and play with them, soon I began to feel special things when I wore them posts.
Well, I had been masturbating with gloves for a while now, I took advantage of when no one was home, I took my mother's gloves from the kitchen and went up to my room to enjoy. That afternoon I was about to give myself a good handjob, while I was going to my room I already had a hard cock imagining what I was going to enjoy. I closed the door, got naked and put on the rubber gloves, I lay down on the bed and started smelling them, sucking them, touching my whole body and soon it was down on my cock. I began to touch myself slowly, watching the gloves slide down and up my completely hard and wet cock.
Well, at some point while doing this, my father came back before work, something I wasn't expecting. I was still with my things, about to come when suddenly the door of my room opened, my father caught me in a frenzy, I tried to cover myself with the sheets, but it was too late my father had seen everything. I was dying of shame, thinking that my father would think I was a freak, but all he said was: excuse me son, finish what you're doing. And closed the door.
Despite the shame, I don't know why but in the end I was morbid to be caught and I ended up cumming like never before in my gloves.
When I went down to the kitchen my father was sitting there, he told me to wash the gloves well with soap before putting them away and he smiled at me. I told him to forgive me for what I had done and he told me that there was nothing wrong that it was something normal that all boys did at my age, but that I should never take the gloves again. at that moment I thought that the rubber gloves were over and it left me very sad, I liked them a lot and I didn't hurt anyone.
To my surprise the next day when my father came back from work he went up to my room. I was doing my homework when I realized that my father was carrying a bag in his hand. He gave it to me, and what was my surprise when there were two different packages of rubber gloves in the opening. I looked at my father and he said: I didn't know which ones you would like, that's why I have brought you two pairs, so you don't have to wear your mother's gloves because in the end she will find out.
The only thing I could do at that moment was get up and hug him and thank him. He just told me: enjoy them and be careful not to get caught by your mother.
Those gloves gave me many afternoons and nights of pleasure. At some point my father saw me with them on when I finished masturbating and went to the bathroom to clean them, but he never said anything.
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Re: The rubber gloves and my father

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wow thats a thougthful and reflective post - we would all wish for such understanding parents!
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