2015 - Gloved female Assassin Films

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Re: 2015 - Gloved female Assassin Films

Post by Brandy » Sat Nov 28, 2015 9:30 am

It is not very often I advertise a film in advance but this is soo good..


Real Estate Blood

This mission was all about swapping. Agent Black Fox has to intercept an estate
Agent and assume his identity. Then she has to meet with the W.R.A.I.T.H.
soldiers that are trying to purchase the house to turn it into a weapons dump
and kill them off. How hard can this mission be..?

hd-film 10.37 mins

film contains - full female assassin storyline, stolen identity theme, gun
kills and knock out techniques.

Image Image Image

Film Review and Theme

The film opens on a very peaceful mountain located home. A quiet scene as Agent Black Fox appears at a door and knocks .

Image Image Image Image

She is met be a male estate agent who starts to show her around the house. Once Agent Black Fox has gained enough of the layout of the property she quickly knocks the man out anassumes his identity.

Image Image Image Image

We jump back to mission control and we get a recap on the mission and its finer points before we start to watch the mission unfold. Agent Black Fox starts to show the terrorists around their new home....

Image Image Image Image

Agent Black Fox is starting to lure them into the trap..but nobody was prepared the for ' Real estate' guy to wake up and blow the whole mission.

Image Image Image Image

The Commander sends his guard to see what the the npoise was...leaving Black Fox alone! She has to improvise in order to complete the mission.

Image Image

With a cool confidence she even decides to waste the ' real estate' guy....after all he was the problem not the solutuion!

This film will be released on Sunday 29th Nov. You can see preview here..

http://www.englishfetishangels.com/bran ... ortal.html

also on our u-tube channel..

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