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Post by riven2357 »

Any satin glove enthusiasts enjoying bridgerton? i've never seen a show with so much great satin glove content
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Re: Bridgerton

Post by BenHur10 »

So yeah, Bridgerton is a godsend for me. Season 1 drove me nuts throughout. My partner is more than well aware of my Satin glove thing. About 5 minutes into episode 1 of season 1 they say “Ohhhhh, I see why you wanted to watch this”. That alone got me going because there’s something amazing about your partner knowing, accepting and having fun with a kink that no one else knows. It’s amazing honestly. I remember at one point they show Daphne’s gloves hands in a close up and they looked at my expression knowing full well how I reacted to it hahaha

But yes, season 2 is just as amazing. I haven’t finished it yet but I’m having a ball, pun intended. I gotta wonder, there’s at least ONE actor/extra in that show who loves satin like we do, and it can’t be easy being on set without being distracted lol I love that 99% of the cast wear opera length, like thank you, opera length satin gloves. Nothing better.

The only show I think comes a bit close is Downton Abbey. They also have a few variety of colors as well! Not only white, but don’t get me wrong, Daphne does white satin gloves amazingly well. Anyways, yeah I could talk about this all day because Bridgerton has been fantastic. Also big bonus that I enjoy the show as well lol
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Re: Bridgerton

Post by devdas5z1 »

I'm curious, is there a reason Bridgerton emphasizes satin gloves? Most period romances focus on leather. Was there a time when satin was a bigger deal?
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Re: Bridgerton

Post by countrylatexglover »

devdas5z1 wrote: Mon Apr 04, 2022 11:52 pm I'm curious, is there a reason Bridgerton emphasizes satin gloves? Most period romances focus on leather. Was there a time when satin was a bigger deal?
Yes after the era of the west where leather gloves were basically your hands satin, lace and other materials become more common. Unfortunately that has all seem to go to the way side to bare hands... Not a fan personally lol. Love this the fact that a tv show has almost every hand gloved! Thanks for the share!
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Re: Bridgerton

Post by mrs uni »

devdas5z1 wrote: Mon Apr 04, 2022 11:52 pm I'm curious, is there a reason Bridgerton emphasizes satin gloves? Most period romances focus on leather. Was there a time when satin was a bigger deal?
The satin gloves thing in period dramas drives me loopy!

The reason most period dramas feature leather opera gloves is because there wasn't an option to wear stretch satin gloves as elastic hadn't been invented, especially in the Bridgerton era. Napoleon's wife Josephine was instrumental in the fashion becoming popular in the 1800's and hers all featured a tie on the upper arm because stretchy fabric didn't exist. Leather was the stretchiest fabric you could get back then so that's why leather opera gloves were pretty much standard. Besides, nothing then said you're rich/upper class more than brilliant white leather, usually so tight that the wearer's ladies maid had to go to great lengths to shoehorn hands in the tightest smallest gloves to look dainty, even quite helpless as you would be if your glove was a couple of inches narrower than your hand and you could barely move your hands due to the tightness of the leather once they were donned.

They also overlook another historical glove feature all the time in period dramas; wrist openings or mousquetaires to give them their proper name which were pretty much standard on opera gloves as late as the 1970's (but especially when there wasn't the luxury of elastic) and the stretch satin default opera gloves seemed to really come into it's own during the 1980's for odd occasion where opera gloves still put in an appearance (prom, weddings, if you're royalty).

Glove etiquette was also quite important, knowing you needed your gloves on in full such as while dancing for example. When eating it was polite to not eat with gloved hands but either remove both of your gloves in full or put the wrist openings to good use if you didn't want both or one of your arms undressed by wriggling the hand from its glove and rolling up the leather hand section, tucking it into the glove sleeve at the wrist. Gloves should be worn when drinking but not if playing cards, how anyone remembered what was the right thing to do and when I don't know. But there's masses of stuff of glove etiquette over the years that's wrong in period dramas, such as during the late Victorian era (or around then) it was not proper for a refined lady to ever be gloveless, even in their own home, sleep gloves were a thing, the list goes on. I'm far from an expert on this, I've just read the odd bits here and there on the web and in books about wider period fashion over the ages. But if I can do that why can't the costume people involved in period drama productions?

In period dramas land, just tog them out in stretch satin every time. They're dirt cheap, they're gloves, they wore gloves a long time ago, what more is there to consider :rolleyes:
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