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[Continuosly updated!] My collection of vintage leather gloves - My joys, my experiences and lots of "leather lust"!

Posted: Fri Jun 19, 2020 4:41 pm
by VintageLeather
Hello and greetings, or "Grüß Gott" as we say in Germany. After a long while of just lurking, I want to start a project that I often started and discarded again. I am a collector and massive enthusiast of vintage leather gloves. And each pair that I own offers something that I like, ranging from normal everday's life situations up to pure pre-cum ejaculating and sweat-inducing "leather lust" moments. If you are a fan of soft lamb leather and supple kidskin gloves, you are in the right spot.

The motivation here is to get it off of my chest and inspire some of you (vintage) leather glove fans out there, and this will of course be a bit "dirty" once in a while. I try to be as gentleman as I can be, but after several minutes of grabbing into that tender leather of 60-year old vintage gloves or sniffing in the scent of two generations of women's sweat and perfume that are taken over by the pure silk lining - then you will also see a bit of my pre-cum and sweat.

The point is that I keep uploading a new pair of gloves once in a while by adding it as a new post. I hope this works out right and I hope I get the one or other person's penis stiff as well when I glide into finest gloves, pleasing my skin with silk and enclade my hands, wrists and arms with soft and tender kidskin leather that is so tender and soft it will roll up into massive and deep wrinkles in order to follow my movements and needs....

I am most probably very different to the average user or reader here as soft leather is a part of my life. It's a way of life, a way to express my style. I mean by that: I am an absolute leather enthusiast and leather gloves are the gems amongst the leather items. For example, I sit on a Chesterfield wingchair made of 100% leather - even at the sides and back, where many manufacturer often use fake shit. But still, I highly value gloves, despite being so small items compared to sofas and chairs. Leather gloves are often a conenctration of the finest materials - softest leather and most comfortable lining - on such an important piece of clothing (see next paragraph). Thus I have several reasons why leather gloves are so important for me, and also one trigger which I fondly remember (and also causes my penis to turn stiff when I just think back to that moment...). Oh yes, just to make it clear in the beginning: I am a male and I also dress like that. But I wear lady's vintage gloves - the older, the better!

Yes. Finest leather gloves - to me - bear so many layers of input and information which the "regular person" do not catch. There is a reason why there exist(ed) an entire glove etiquette with basic instructions ("Do not shake hands when...") up to the secret codes ("If a lady does X with her left glove, the man might (not) follow her" etc.).


Just to avoid repeating myself over and over, but I am going into the "Dark Casual" direction (people might label it as "Gothic", but it's actually much tamer and more suitable for everday's life) and it was a no-brainer that leather gloves are important. But I never actually asked "why". So I put again some effort to explore beyond the banality of our handwear.

In medieval times, a glove could be as important as a letter when worn by a powerful person before - basically as a substitute of his or her very own hand. On portraits, it is important if a lady wears one glove on or off, if it's on the table or in her hand. Gloves are very powerful and temperature protection is only one and probably the most recognizable reason. But no, there are many different vibes and actual circumstances about gloves. It's fascinating, and there exist even entire books and studies which are absolutely fascinating and basically made my love to wear gloves even stronger. Some of them are a good read on my tablet while having a cold drink:

A few of my interesting glove studies. It's super fascinating how profound the glove history is! (And on a side note, even the "importance" of the wearers smell that are taken by leather gloves has been discussed in two of the works - a side fetish of mine!)

And even in my appartment, there are leather-gloved gentlewomen hanging above my 100% leather Chesterfield sofa:


Several works by famous photographers like Horst P. Horst or Erwin Blumenfeld cover my walls. I purchased those high-quality prints directly from the Condenast store, the publisher behind the VOGUE magazine! The others are vintage ads simply printed out in a copyshop which adds a bit to the shabby look of these often 60-year old photographies.

So I hope you understand what I mean now. Blunt fetish stuff turns me off. Also, anything you can buy today (or the last 20 years) is below my standards. Once you looked at, wore or touched finest vintage leather gloves yourself, you will understand.

Close-up of one of my finest leather gloves from the 1970s - they are made of leather so tender that it feels like I am grabbing into jelly!

And despite I get some drops of my pre-cum or my sweat on the surface of my precious vintage lady's gloves once in a while, my valuable collection is usually clean. I do sometimes get "intimate" with my gloves, but in 99% of the time, I genuinely enjoy everything else about them.

Re: [Continuosly updated!] My collection of vintage leather gloves - My joys, my experiences and lots of "leather lust"!

Posted: Fri Jun 19, 2020 4:43 pm
by VintageLeather
Nobody in family wore leather, nor gloves. In retrospect, this is very odd. As a kid we had garbage gloves if we wore them at all; mittens actually. Terrible, cheap, nasty ones that I did not like to wear, except for snowballfights. They were yellow and blue, looked like a bus seat (Hey, it was the 90s!) and had a huge plastic "GoreTex" logo on it. The absolute turn-off (now while typing, it's weird how I ended up with a glove fetish/kink). And since neither my grandmothers nor aunts - usually the ones that own fine leather gloves from the 50s, 60s or 70s - wore gloves, I never actually had the opportunity to see how beautiful and stylish leather-gloved hands can be..

So what does it take then to introduce me to the world of tender leather gloves? A random woman in the bus...

It was a cold and dark afternoon. The streets where white and I was waiting for the bus to the suburbs. I, and the crowd next to me, were coming from the mall. Next to me was a very noble, old woman - at this point I did not notice, but I will explain her looks (that burnt into my brain!) that I would realize later in the bus: A smaller lady wearing almost all clichés of a wealthy woman: A long, black fur coat (not necessarily fur, but her entire look was very 60s/70s, probably real fur), brown leather boots, a hat with a net over her wrinkly face. She had red lipstick on and looked like a happy, friendly lady coming from a café with her elderly friends. She surely did not need to take the bus, but maybe she is a widow (with her age that's plausible) or wanted to be independent. A happy, small version of Meryl Streep's character in "The Devil Wears Prada".

As the bus arrives, it was packed as usual. I was moved further and further down the row of seats, and the old lady too. After the shoving ends and the doors close, I reach for the handrail. It was dark due to the condensation of the windows and the old NEOPLAN metrobusses had a very dim light. As I blindly reached for the handrail above my heads, my right hand was in a complication: As I was about to enclose my fingers over the tube-like rail, I could not do so. Well, I did, but it was not the rail - I actually grabbed the old lady's left hand. She was already holding onto the rail as I did so blindly, and that was THE moment that would change my life. (Typing this down gets me hard already as I feel and relive the situation again..). Imagine her hand on the handrail and now my slightly bigger hand over her: My fingertips would grab into her hand while my palm would feel the area around her knuckles. And exactly these areas - my fingertips and my palm - had intense contact with the old lady's hand. But as it was a noble and rich woman, she wore only the best money could buy; her decade-old clothes that were her companions trough her life. Including her handwear.. The woman wore gloves to protect her wrinkled hands from the nasty cold temperatures, and thus I actually grabbed the gloved hand of the lady...

My right, bare hand's fingers and palm had contact with her left, gloved hand - and I felt not only the warmth of the lady's hand trough the glove. No, I had this sensational feeling inside me. A feel of sudden arousal and lust: As I touched her gloved hand, the skin of my fingertips and a large area of my palm had contact with such a super soft, absolutely irrisistably supple leather! The lady wore decade-old gloves made of black, ultra-tender leather! And I grabbed right into that. . . .

The unmeasurable arousal of the unexpected touch of tender leather gloves.

I excused myself and she was a bit baffled for a brief moment - I basically grabbed her gloved hand full-force - but she smiled and moved a bit forwards. Now I took a closer look at her, but I could not get rid of this feel inside my head: The touch of the warm, soft leather. I stared at her gloved hand still holding on to the handrail, and I never touched such a great material before. Also, the style, the noblesse of the old lady, burnt into my head. Her leather gloves were wrinkled and stretched at the same time where needed, outlining her slender fingers perfectly, covering them in black leather individually; I could see the suppleness of her leather gloves. As I still have the haptics of it on my skin, I added it up in my brain and concluded: I want more!

I have in total 7 stops to travel, and it was already stop 4 or 5, I had not much time. Every bus stop, she could leave! I stared at her hands, now BOTH are held up in the air to give her grip. The sleeves rolled down a bit and I could see her gloves in full. As I could get a glimpse of the entry of her gloves - as I looked from below - I saw the gloves are richly lined, which means she must've felt comfortable and warm inside them! Warmth and cozyness inside for her hands, encased in beautiful and soft leather for others to get jealous by just looking at her hands. The leather was pitch-black, but smooth enough to reflect the dim bus light a bit, causing a seductive shadowplay on her hands: Everytime she moved, the soft leather crinkled up or stretched to follow her movement while protecting her perfectly. And each time, the darkness and the light created a new look on her hands which look like this:

Soft leather create deep wrinkles which in return cause lights and shadows. The soft leather moves with the wearer's hand, creating a beautiful, random pattern of light and shadow as well as a very individual leather surface (wrinkled or stretched). All that while keeping the wearer protected.

I died in envy!

3 stops before I had to leave, there is a commercial area and some offices. People behind me were getting ready to leave, and the old lady in front of me noticed. She shoved a crowd forwards to make room for the other passengers to leave. She held her hand now stretched out, but this time in a 45° angle, and did a 270° move clockwise. This way she stood safe yet people could leave trough the bus' door. I needed to make room and followed. And here is the ridiculous part where I think a god exists: Her right, gloved hand was exactly at the height of my face. This time I could see the patina and beautiful leather texture of her gloves. As if she is teasing me on purpose, this is what I stared at while people were slowly leaving the bus behind me:

The surface of leather can tell a lot about its quality without the need to be touched. This right here is a close-up of very soft and supple leather, another pair of my collection. It comes very close to what I saw at at the gloved hand of the lady right in front of my eyes.

My heartbeat was pumping and as I noticed the stream of leaving passengers was getting less and less, I took the opportunity. I acted as if I need to make more room and moved towards the old lady - which was not facing me - and as I need to have my own space on the handrail, I acted like I am searching for one by slowly moving up my hands. In the heat of the action, the old lady did not notice (or maybe she did but did not mind, as we Germans are kinda rough when moving in these situations like a crowded bus), I slowly swept my left hand over her glove. With "slowly" I mean 2 or 3 seconds. These seconds were so incredibly amazing that I remember I had to swallow and was heavily breathing, my heartbeat pumped so much I could hear it. And it was such a celestial feel! Also, I looked at what I was doing, so seeing the beautiful leather surface being slowly touched by my fingers was such a satisfying feeling! I also made the leather of her right glove wrinkle up for a brief moment when my fingertips rode along. The best moment within was when I got semi-stuck in a deep, super tender leather wrinkle. Needless to say, her right glove was made of equally soft leather as her left one, and as my fingers got stuck, the absolute tenderness of her right, black leather glove I felt on my fingertips was so amazing that I had to withhold a moan!!

I also like how I basically made both of my hands touch both of her gloves: First it was my right hand and her left gloved hand, this time my bare left hand touched penis-stiffening soft leather of her right glove. I felt complete but weirdly exhausted. As I left and walked home, I watched the bus driving away.. I did not know that this old, beautiful lady was indirectly kindling my "sweet bane".

The combination of the gloves and the old-fashioned lady is the reason why I love "grandma gloves" so much. It's this special taste and quality from a time long ago that I enjoy to bring into the present times. Because one thing is certain: Finest leather gloves never go out of fashion!

The incident with the old lady was something that I forgot about at first shortly after I left the bus. My hormones - still a young teenager without fully developed sexual featuers - cooled down and thus my brain took over again. But soon, this arousal would come back. As I dry humped my matress, I always remembered her. It was not sexual, she was just merely allowing me to touch her gloves in my fantasies. Later, the dryhumping turned into a sticky mess, but the idea was the same: Leather-gloved hands! The beauty of our usually pale, white skin being covered by black, soft animal skin is something that gives me another kick.

The next winters were interesting, as I watched out for gloved ladies. I am still (to this day) communiting with public transport, so when it gets colder, I always look who else is wearing leather gloves. Nowadays, it's rare to find someone else's hands in leather, so I stand out a bit. But back then, before smartphones, it was common that I was standing in the middle section of the bus and scanned the hands on the handrails. And yes, sometimes I spotted an anomaly: amongst 30 bare hands there was that one leather-gloved hand. I usually came closer to the person just to adore them. Other young men bought Playboy magazines, I enjoyed stranger women's leather gloves. Normally it was elderly people wearing them, and I've seen many different leather glove types and styles: The long ones that go deep into the sleeves, the very tightly fitted ones, the smooth ones or with decorative stitchings. The most interesting one was a white-haired lady displaying her gloves in front of me: An image of a bird made out of small stones on the back of her hand. The black leather underneath created a nice contrast, and the lady was surely happy wearing them. I concentrated more on the soft leather wrinkles around her wrist - which caused my leather lust to warm up.

Over the years, I longed more and more to wear such fine and noble leather gloves myself.. It drove me crazy!

But I knew there is more behind the whole thing. Who wears leather on their hands? Self-confident people. Stylish people. People that enjoy high quality items and value craftmanship. Are leather gloves comfortable? They must be when looking how smoothly they follow the wearer's hand, wrist and arm. Leather gloves are very personal items as they take on the wearer's habits and develop an according patina. You buy a pair of fine leather gloves because of the quality, and the right gloves will give this back. If you can see the quality, comfort and style without actually wearing them - it can't get any better.

So I dived more into the background of leather gloves: The history, who wore them, how they developed into a status symbol. I know about glove etiquette. I know that leather gloves could be symbols of might - depending on who wore them before (e.g. a leather glove of a king would be equal to an official letter). The king's hand was in the glove after all, equivalent to his actual hand. Or the times when the ladies wore their gloves during everyday's life.

As I dove into the topic about gloves, I stumbled over many noble, beautiful and wealthy women - and whenever I looked at their hands (or arms), I would see one thing: Super soft leather! Leather gloves in all variations, length, colours and styles. No woman's arm is bare, they are covered in soft leather. Wrinkled leather, smooth leather, black leather, blue leather, brown leather. Some of these leather gloves must've taken over the scent of the owners, making them more attractive. It's teasing so much and by just looking at that, pre-cum would drop into my underwear when looking at these hands - what would I gove to touch and feel just one of these tender leather gloves of unspeakable quality...:

Soft leather wherever you look! The diversity of styles is amazing! But all conclude into one thing: Tender leather on your hands, over your wrist and arms is an absolute upgrade to any outfit!

It was a no-brainer that I want to have such gloves myself! I love them for all of their aspects! The softness of the leather is a part of it, but when I look at the image above, I see how great soft leather gloves look and how comfortable they must be on my own skin. I need my own pair of vintage lady's gloves on my male hands! They must become a part of my outfit, and as I lean into the dark/gothic range anyways, fine, black leather gloves are perfect!

Re: [Continuosly updated!] My collection of vintage leather gloves - My joys, my experiences and lots of "leather lust"!

Posted: Fri Jun 19, 2020 4:44 pm
by VintageLeather


When I was 17, earning my first own money, I tried to purchase my first pair of gloves. Finally, the day has come! Well, yes, emphasis on "tried". As I went to the mall (the same where it all started), I was absolutely disappointed: The men's gloves did not fit! My hands are too feminine and the overall quality of men's gloves is so shit that I actually felt a bit of disgust. Primitive, too big, ugly seams, huge logos like "HUGO BOSS" on them. What a shit! Where are the long, super thin ones that snug around my hand like a second skin? I even tried women's gloves, and while they were much better in fit - the leather was disgusting. China crap all over. 60€ gloves felt and looked like coated in plastic and Peccary for 150€ was ugly and again a huge turn-off. No gloves for me, which caused my kink to grow farther this winter.

Until in 2017, I finally had the great idea: I could secretly look for used, old gloves on eBay. This way I can try lady's gloves and probably find old pair of the quality I can not buy in the present time. The results on eBay Germany were basically correct but the items for sale were not what I was looking for. I tried for months, even the search algorhythm suggested me "used vintage gloves" even when I looked for electronics. But one fateful day, the suggestion brought a listing that drew my attention...

Original shop image on eBay. I took this out of my confirmation mail. "Nappa leather gloves by Kaiser, size 8, black".

Oh my god! Just from the very quick glimpse I gave them I knew it is the same look that caused my fetish to rage when I randomly spot gloves like that in the bus or at the supermarket checkout. My heartbeat started to go very fast. So I clicked on it, the main page loaded and because my mouse was hovered over the image, it showed this image in its full size, almost all of my 27" monitor was covered with this penis-stiffening image of softest leather gloves:

This is the other original eBay shop image. I just remember that my penis turned stiff like a board within seconds! Beautiful leather gloves right in my face in oversize!

  • Name: The "KAISERs"
  • Length: Wrist-long gloves (2 button length)
  • Type: Winter gloves
  • Style: Beautiful way to protect from very cold days while wearing soft and tender leather!
  • Vintage: Yes
  • Price: 10,- €
  • Outer material: 100% Leather (Lamb)
  • Inner material: 100% Wool
  • Colour of the leather: Black
  • Colour of the lining: Créme
  • Condition: Perfect!
  • Smell main material: Leather aroma; gets stronger when warm/worn.
  • Smell lining: Vintage wool (you might know what I mean) but a bit sweaty when warm. Previous owner left her sweat by wearing them for decades I guess.
  • Haptics: Super supple and smooth, upon touch, my fingers sink gently into the leather. This feeling is enhanced by the rich lining.
  • Gets my penis stiff by... just looking at them! Especially the embellishment is a main reason for that! Touching, no, sinking into the tender leather however is a new level of arousal! Who needs Viagra when I can touch these gloves?

The description was an absolute tease: "Size 8. Fine, used gloves made of black, very soft leather." Nothing else. I mean, what else to type, they are gloves. But the emphasis on "black, very soft leather" made my penis throb in leather lust.

Not only that, but the seller has a title of nobility (as I saw while transfering the money), which means the previous owner was a noble person as well, of course only wearing soft leather gloves on her hands! So I could expect high quality gloves!
The embellishment was exactly the grandma-style that I loved (see chapter above) but could seemingly never have myself as I am a guy and this style of gloves was out of bounds. Beautiful gloves made of "black and very soft leather" for a mere 10€... Can it be true?! If I let these gloves go, I'd hate myself for the rest of my life!

As these were my first lady's gloves, I was unsure but eventually hit "Buy Now!". "You bought this item" - Finally, my dream might come true. My own pair of embellished vintage leather gloves! I had to wank my penis down after looking back and forth at both shop images. As I received the seller's "Your item has been shipped" mail later I had to wank down another boner...

I totally forgot that I purchased the used gloves of an old woman and when the thick letter in the mail arrived, I remembered immediately. Because my hormones were on normal level, I took the stuffed envelope in my appartment and was kinda unsecure, almost puzzled why I did that. I mean, think about it: A 27-year old male with a goatee and not even the slightest wish to be a woman (e.g. cross-dress) purchased the old, used leather gloves that scream "grandmother". Would I wear them in public? Could I stand the looks that I might get? Why did I do that? I should just use those large, ugly men's gloves --- No! Never! That's why I purchased them! Do they fit? Maybe they are not even as special as I expect them to be. Questions over questions, and mostly: I questioned myself.

The envelope was very small, the gloves must've fit just in it, as it was very bulgy. Also, it was covered in sticky tape for water resistance I guess, so I had to carefully put a hole into the package. I ripped a small hole open and I was very curious, so I put my index finger into the hole of the envelope without seeing anything. Of course, my finger had very soon contact with my new gloves. And this feel can be described as a shower of awesomeness that I felt throughout my body, very similar to the feel when the bus incident happend. My index finger literally sank into the leather of the glove. I could not believe it and drew a few circles inside the envelope - the gloves still packed in darkness. Absolutely fascinating! So I came closer to the hole to peak into it and then the second rush overcame me: Trough the tiny hole, the absolute lust-inducing scent of leather exploded right into my nose! The gloves must've contaminated the whole envelope with their aroma, and it was released in strong breezes trough the hole. I still remember that I had to sit down because my blood was being sent into my genitals.. As I opened up the envelope much enough to reveal the entire glove, it was now the eyes that beheld the sight of awe-inspiringly beautiful gloves. The embellishment, the overall visual suppleness and the scent - these are not gloves, these are treasures!

As they laid flat, still layered one above the other, in the envelope, I again put my index finger right into the center of one of my "KAISER" gloves. I let an image speak for itself what happened:

My index finger has contact with absolutely breathtakingly soft and heavenly tender leather!! At the same time, the scent of leather unfolded! The pitch-black lamb leather has also one of the best textures I've seen (and touched)!

Uff! I remember being overwhelmed on my bed. All the doubts were gone! I carefully took them out of the package as if I am holding a baby and put them flat on the table, spread the leathery twins so I could see both the left and the right glove with their embellishment in full glory. I was SO HAPPY you can't image!!

Now they just need to fit. I don't care to wear them in the public I promised myself bravely. Such beauties! As I picked the left glove up, the gloves go into the next stage of seducing me:

These gloves are absolutely feathery! Despite being lined with wool, they are almost non-existant when picked up. The black leather is so extremely soft that the glove is literally worming around my thumb.

At this moment I really started to shake in anticipation. I opened up the glove, looking at the wool lining and hoped so much my fingers and hands would fit in.

The lining is surprisingly thick and warm - you never expect the gloves to have such a rich material inside! Also, the logo of the company that will be responsible for so many cum-soaked boxershorts!

I slowly and gently pulled the left "KAISER" glove over my hand - and it fit!! YES, YES, YES!!
When I looked down my left hand, I remembered that the tip of my penis turned sticky - the look alone caused a droplet of pre-cum to be ejaculated!

My left hand clad in black leather! You can see the tenderness of my left "KAISER" glove without even touching it!

Same procedure with the right glove. I was shaking so much and my heartbeat felt like jolting my whole body! After all those years..! Of course, the right glove fits as perfect as the left one.

If you would shake my hand while I am gloved in my "KAISERs", you'd grab into extremely supple lamb leather!

After making some fists and other moves to see how the wearing comfort actually is, I was so extremely excited! Imagine, me, after all those years of longing to wear such finest leather garments myself and thought I'd never be able to so. This mix of my kink/fetish absolutely raging, the comfort of the now-warm gloves and the looks combine to a cocktail that might come close to an orgasm. I turend my hands so the window is on the right side, folded my hands up to display the beautiful embellishment to be fully seen and I saw that:

The absolute beauty! The soft leather wrinkles up deeply or stretches where needed, the comfort inside these gloves is so extremely high, the lining is warm and the gloves just follow my movement as if I wear almost nothing. The sublime leather quality causes this beautiful light and shadow on top of the soft, smooth leather, creating a mix of pure darkness and the ambient light. My fingers look like "Twix" chocolate bars because the leather of my "KAISER"s is so tender that it would deform like that when I move any parts of my hands. And: The strong scent of leather - the gloves are now warm, inreasing the aroma!

This is the absolute revelation of pure joy and satisfaction! The craftmanship, the style, the fit, the high-quality materials! I can understand so well why people wear leather gloves. This can only be achieved by purchasing only the finest of the finest!

So my leather lust was on maximum level as you can imagine! After finishing to admire them on my hands, I pulled one of them off to examine the embellishment of my gloves. "KAISER" gave these gloves a very unique and beautiful decoration that go all from the entry of the glove to the fingertips. If you look closer, you can see it's also made of leather:

The embellishment are done in a technique that, as far as I know, is called "quilting". The main material - the black leather - is being pushed together and then sewn. This way, the seam is almost invisible (you can see it if you look very carefully!) and the glove's aesthetics are not disturbed - it's 100% black leather, something you want when purchasing, well, black leather gloves!

These "leather vines" or "leather spaghettis" are soft - they are made of the same hide like the whole glove anyways - and even draw subtle shadows. I've never even remotely seen this level of quality and craftmanship on men's gloves. However, touching these leather spaghettis is a heavenly feel as it has a seductive haptic:

Riding along my "KAISER"s embellishment means touching soft leather on top of a soft leather glove! It's an extreme pleasure to do so! Because my leather lust was still raging, putting bare two fingers of my right hand on top of my left, still gloved hand caused a rush of hormonal sensation inside me. I was moving both fingers up and down twice and each time I did so, a drop of pre-cum wettened my boxershorts!

In general, riding along the "KAISERS" tender leather is a sure boner within seconds! Please note that I really just gently hover over the glove and this is what it looks like!
Each second my fingertip touches my right "KAISER" glove, I ejaculate a small bit of pre-cum, almost like a leaky faucet. And I mean it. The feel of the black, super soft lamb leather combined with the warmth I feel on my right hand and the smell of leather is an explosive cocktail for any glove and leather enthusiast!

Okay, I will wear them both for a last time and admire their beauty. I need to wank down my penis after that though. It is throbbing in anticipation, despite me having no contact with it at all! I was merely touching and wearing an old woman's pair of leather gloves. At that moment, I looked like that:

As said before: Having contact with the heavenly tender lamb leather of my "KAISERS" causes continuos sperm to be ejected into my pants. ITS SUCH A PLEASURE! The "KAISER"s belonged to an old gentlewoman before. Now they are in possession of a guy that loves them so much that his underwear is full of cum and sweat when worn!

So I put them both off, sweating and sticky with leather lust cum, ready to get them a nice place somewhere prominent in my appartment. And then I did this stupid mistake: I grabbed both of them with a bit of force...

My both thumbs sink into the irresistably soft leather of the still warm gloves. I feel like I am grabbing into pudding or something, but no, it's the softest leather you can imagine. As I moved my thumbs a bit back and furth, the tender leather just followed like cookie dough. Right that moment, I was ejaculating uncontrolled. And it appeared to never stop! All the sweaty leather lust that built up was released! I have not touched my penis at all -. these fine vintage gloves, made of black lamb leather, made me cum free-handed!

The "KAISERS" are extremely and exclusive leather gloves. You can't buy "KAISER" gloves in any store - at least none that I know of. When I put them on, I proudly display them. I've gotten many stares, but I like it. Maybe it's some kind of reversed exhibitionism - I love it when people look at my leather-gloved hand, because I break with taboos. Yes, these leather gloves belong to a man with:


I am also pretty lucky that I have such slender and feminine arms and hands, so I can wear them without problem. The style they give my outfit - no matter if it's casual in my blue MUCHMORE work jacket when communiting home from work, being reminded of the luxury I wear on my hands when I accidently take a glimpse of them...
...or when I wear my "gothic" leather stuff:
It is a sign that these decade-old gloves from a noble gentlewoman are never going out of fashion. Unfortunately, since they are so thickly lined, they are too "fat" (which is hard to say as they are thin and supple, but compared to my other gloves, the "KAISERS" are surely fully-blown winter gloves) to do everyday's life things. Bigger things like the padlock on my locker at work is no problem, and also here I like it when my colleagues stare at my leather-clad hand:

In general, you can't argue against their extremely high quality, the extremely soft leather and timeless visual beauty:

They are a piece of art for the hands. This is what gloves should be like. For everyone. I got them for a mere 10 Euros!

My first pair of vintage gloves was a direct hit! So much joy and leather lust these have caused while actually beautifying my hands and protecting me from the cold. I tried to contact the previous owner, but her shop was empty. Maybe she died or moved to a retirement home. I will wear her beautiful gloves in honour and enjoy their style, warmth, comfort and, of course, their heavenly tender leather!