New leather glove fetishist here

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New leather glove fetishist here

Post by Chinnutrunkz »


I’m a 30y.o. guy, happily married. Have been lurking around the website for almost a month now, and it is awesome <3
Used to love satin gloves at first but slowly my fetish moved towards leather gloves especially wrist or driving. Still remember the first time i was fascinated by leather gloves from the movie Barb Wire and Pamela was a goddess.

Luckily my wife understands me for the fetish and helps is slowly getting a hold of it.
Anywho, feel free to reach out to me i may probably help with scenarios i faced while confronting and how to initiate a conversation with a partner about this fetish.

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Re: New leather glove fetishist here

Post by dopefish »

My advice is be as honest as possible!
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Re: New leather glove fetishist here

Post by Rommeltje »

Hi Chinnu! Welcome to the forum, and thanks again for your donation! :yay:

Glad you've been enjoying the site. I hope you'll keep doing that for a long time. :-)
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Re: New leather glove fetishist here

Post by Carrie Karkus »

Welcome, Chinnu! I'm always happy to see other leather glove lovers! :D Love a variety of materials, myself, but leather is definitely high up on the list.
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