Forum theme options?

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Forum theme options?

Post by FancoisGant26 »

Can I still change the look of the forum? I have been unable to find the option to change to different themes as I once did. Did it move? Been looking through all the menus..
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Re: Forum theme options?

Post by Rommeltje »

No, we've only had one theme since the upgrade. The reason why we had different themes in the first place, is because I tried out a few back at the very beginning of the forum. I had to install them to check out what it would look like, and then just neve uninstalled. By the time of the upgrade, I'd settled on one, so I only re-installed that one.

There were very few people who actually changed their themes, so I didn't think it was a very important option.

Do you miss it a lot?
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Re: Forum theme options?

Post by SexySurgical »

If it's a colour issue, look into Night/DarkMode browser extensions.

I use these: ... hbflppjncb
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