Newcomers: Read this first!

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Newcomers: Read this first!

Post by Jake »

Hello and welcome to the WWGFA, the glove fetish paradise!

We certainly hope you enjoy your stay here and warmly invite you to take part in our discussions around the board as well as post and enjoy the content available!

As a first post, how about posting an intro? It allows you to be honest and open to us and we can find out a bit about you, for example where you come from and what gloves you own. After that there's plenty to do as a newly registered user. Once you've done your introduction and feel warmly welcomed, you could head over to our glove talk forum and discuss the wonderful fetish with us, or maybe head to the experiences section and tell us your...'first-hand' experiences you've had.
Or maybe you're brimming with links to unseen videos, or indeed some glove videos you've made yourself that you're willing to share with us!

All of these things can earn you reputation points on the board. And who doesn't love having lots of green squares by their name!?

Have fun!

WWGFA Steward
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