Glove Seller/Store Reviews

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Glove Seller/Store Reviews

Post by dopefish » Wed Aug 16, 2017 6:52 pm

Use this thread to rate sellers of gloves, so that we don't shop from bad sellers twice.
Include a html link and a detailed review if you could.

Leather Purchased some Leather Gloves Shoulder High from them 5 years ago or so? Had to be altered slightly twice at the tailor over the course of the 5 years to get the bicep part tighter on my wife, but they fit very well and feel very soft. Sized in numbers instead of S/M/L I would order from here again in a heartbeat.

Cost $200+
Quality 5/5 They make made to measure boots and gloves. I thought it sounded cool so we measured my wife's arm and sent it in. Weeks later we got gloves that were at least 2-3 inches too big in every measurement except length. I contacted them and paid to ship them back ($20) for an exchange. I sent the measurements again. Weeks later, we received another pair of shoulder length gloves from them. These were somehow even bigger than the other ones! They insisted that we pay to ship them back again. Gave up on them. As an aside the made to measure boots were very well done.

Cost $170 + ($20)+
Quality 0/5

Not sure on where we actually got these, but they are chlorinated latex so easier to put on. The hand portion of the glove is much larger than the arm portion and so it looks off-putting to me. Wife claims they are too stinky to enjoy. Meh.

Cost ?
Quality 3/5

A long time ago they used to sell opera length PVC gloves on ebay very cheap. Now they are absurdly expensive. I understand they make/made gloves for movie stars. Catwoman in Batman Returns etc. The gloves come in many numbered sizes instead of just S/M/L and fit my wife amazingly well. Got many years of use before they broke. Can't afford to replace them though when other places are much cheaper.

Cost $130+
Quality 5/5
Recently bought their extra long black PVC gloves, these are actually slightly longer than my wife's arms. Good fit except for the thumbs, which are oddly large? They attach far down on the hand or something. They aren't quite right in some way. You can see in their promo shots they don't fit the model quite right either. Not a deal breaker for me, especially considering the price.

Cost $~30
Quality 4.5/5
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Re: Seller Rating Thread

Post by SexySurgical » Sat Aug 19, 2017 11:00 am

I appreciate this initiative!

Maybe onr review per post for easier quote-replies?

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Re: Seller Rating Thread

Post by Ceramic » Wed Jul 25, 2018 1:23 pm

i bought various gloves from various sellers\shops,so i'll just link them here and tell (in-short) whats what :)

1) honour uk -

bought from them over the years quite a lot of gloves..pvc,leatherette (some kind of leather),and satin

all of their products are top notch,prices are a bit high,so i wait for sale's \ discounts (happens offen)

shipping is a bit high (below 50gbp - 6gbp,over 50gbp - 12gbp) but i suppose u take it into account when buying,so plan your purchases :D
but its fast shipping,comes with tracking,and gets to ur post within a week (sometimes longer,by just a bit)

2) chinese pvc ... 25786738b6

i bought from that seller just 2 pairs over the years (lately xl black long pvc,and some years ago white L pair)

prices are low,and quality is really good (even tho its chinese,so many knows the stigma :))

his XL size is seriously long :p goes nearly my top shoulder (really! which is sexy)

shipping is fast,even from china..arrives in about 2wks (speed packet,sort of like EMS but without the commissions..)

3) satin gloves,all kinds ... 6910429ed7

took me a while to find this guy,now that i think about it,i can't seem to remember where i bumped into him lol :D

this is also the one seller that sells super long satin gloves! 26" long\74cm :O - sexiness alert :p

sells also without fingers,or with,wrist gloves,opera long,above the elbow,etc etc
has like 16 colors to choose from (!) - a real satin shop :D

only bought one pair from him last year (pink,elbow,fingerless) to try it out - definately going to buy more :)

fast shipping as well (based in UK),quality products as expected,prices are a bit high but well worth it.

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