Your first time....

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Re: Your first time....

Post by doberso »

That's not how my glove fetish was triggered. The first time I came was simply from dry humping my mattress when I was, like, 9 or 10 or something, I don't know. :mrgreen: I'd occasionally worn household gloves long before that though, even touching myself with them while naked (although there was nothing (consciously) sexual about that).
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Re: Your first time....

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My first time wasn’t with gloves but it soon became the norm. I always had a thing for rubber gloves and always borrowed my mum’s washing up gloves to play with. When she had finished with them I would take them away and put them in a draw. Ended up with lots of rubber gloves.
Rubber gloves ended up being involved with a lot of solo sessions, particularly when I figured out just how good they made me feel.
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Re: Your first time....

Post by willbull »

My first orgasm was not with gloves, but I have had plenty over the years involving gloves. I am not sure when the glove fetish started, maybe from early doctors and dental appointments. I kind of remember nurses, doctors, hygienists and dentists wearing gloves while treating me.

I also remember having fun with hhg and taking gloves from a dermatologists office as well as from my aunt, who is a nurse. The gloves from the dermatologist were white sterile gloves. The gloves I took from my aunt were extra long cuffs, they were a teal color.
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Re: Your first time....

Post by VintageLeather »

After getting "in touch" with that old lady's ultra soft leather gloves in the bus, I wanted more of course. I used those memories as a good way to "dryhump" on the bed (as I am a stomach sleeper, this was not a problem). Later I would get hard when I see leather-gloved hands everywhere else, but of course I could not get one myself.

At the age of 17, with my first trainee wage, I was walking into a German storechain called "C&A" and when I saw those ugly men's gloves, I was devastated. Funny though, the men's and women's sections were not really seperated, so on my way out, I would walk past a stand of lady's gloves, with wool ones on the front. The smell of leather was making my heartbeat go crazy, so I walked around and there were leather gloves. I ruled out many except for one pair. And, if I think about them now, they were fantastic.

You know, I wear only vintage leather gloves - hence my name. But this particular pair in that C&A store was very special. It was a women's size 7, the lining was to expected for a mere 20€, but they were made of fine, soft goat leather. Nothing else. They hung upside down in the shelf, waiting to be purchased. No company logo, no visible seams (except at the fingers, thumb and at the side). Exactly what a grandmother would wear.
When I picked them up, still connected to its sibling, my fingers touched the leather and it felt so great! This particular leather had a beautiful texture; you could see it was leather, yet, due to the black colour, would be very discrete about it. They had a tag inside saying: "Außenmaterial: 100% Ziegenleder" - Outer material: 100% goatskin leather, which for some reason got me hard, too simply by re-assuring the obvious. I have a very similar pair of gloves (black goat leather) which remind me so much of the ones I talk about that I can attach a picture:

This pair of my collection looks 95% like the ones I found at C&A -black, soft goatskin leather.

When I tried them on, I was so excited that I started to sweat. The feel of my hands inside those soft, black leather gloves was like a rush of hormones going out into every portion of my body. As I could try out only one as the other was still attached, I took a strong breath from the inside of the gloves and had a lung full of leather scent. As said, I normally bash "new" gloves, but this pair of 2017-made goatskin leather was so exquisite as if they misplaced it. My penis was so stiff that when I was queueing for payment, I could barely walk. I also for some reason thought the cashier (females in their 50s) would raise their eyebrows when a trainee buys lady's leather gloves but they rang it up and handed the bag over.

It was before my late shift (12-20), and I wanted to walk the last 1.5km from the mall to my workplace. To wear and experience those gloves. As I left the mall, I was still sweating, but cooling down, especially as it was deep in winter. I purchased lady's leather gloves, I was unsure and happy at the same time! I kept walking until my curiousity grew so much that I stopped on the sidewalk to wear my gloves. Remember that I was withheld for years now, so this moment was special. I pulled strongly so the plastic connection broke and I had two seperate gloves in my hand; each holding the corresponding glove. The touch of the cold, yet smooth leather.. I felt how my blood was pumped into my genitals again! I put on both gloves and kept walking until it hurt so much - my dick was literally scrubbing about the underwear! I would not stop. For several minutes! As I looked down my leather-gloved hands, make the leather wrinkle and crinkle, smell their leather scent, make fists, shake my own hands... Of course my leather lust would not cool down!

Again, this is the almost-identical pair of gloves; the black goat leather covering my hands was incredibly great to look at!

I would actually pull them off of my hands again because I could not walk properly. I stowed them away in my backpockets as they rolled down very flat. Phew! Imagine that: I can not handly my leather lust when wearing my first pair of leather gloves so that I have to put them away! I could start to walk until I scratched my nose: My hands have taken over the scent of the freshly-purchased pair and I got another boner. . . .

At work, I could not stop thinking about them, and I would occassionally put my index finger in my backpocket of my jeans to make contact with the leather - the pure pleasure. . . I was addicted. On the way home I took the bus, and as I had no idea how strong my kink would be, I naively wore them. The usual thing happens like on the sidewalk before, but I could cope this time. What got me were those moments when I forgot I do finally wear soft leather gloves: I need to re-adjust my hands due to other passengers - oh right, my hand is clad in black goatskin leather, and the softness of it would make it wrinkle up! Or when I pulled out the key for my appartment building: Right, my leather-clad fingers are holding the key! At home, I would keep on rubbing my penis against the sink in the bathroom - still in winter jacket and gloved- while looking at the mirror and sniffing in the leather scent. That got me hard of course and after a couple of minutes, I cooled down a bit. I put off my jacket, put it on the coat hanger and sat on my bed. I put off my right glove first and liked the noise it does when soft leather touches other soft leather (a slightly "sticky" noise). As my bare right hand reached for the left hand, I did something I know now is a killer for me: I grabbed my left glove - and thus each fingertip had contact with the black, soft goat leather. It was slighty warm due to my hand inside, and the leather wrinkled a lot as I grabbed into it. Oh my gosh! I kept touching the warm, tender leather for a bit and ejaculated a few drops of pre-cum.

The touch of warm, tender goatskin leather was too much. This is a very good example image.

After that, I put them both off and just turned to the side; as I was sitting on my bed anyways I had to wank off my stiff penis. But due to the absolute leather lust I withheld for the day, as soon as I accidently swiped the gloves and thus touching their leather again while breathing in the scent of leather from my hands, I basically came free-handed. It was an immense pleasure - caused by such innocent items like soft leather gloves..

Unfortunately, and dumb as I were, I had them wet and dried them on the radiator. . . Since then, I never had such gloves until... I started to buy vintage, and there the story of the Kaiser's began...
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