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ltd7201 wrote: Tue Jan 24, 2023 6:06 pm It's interesting looking back at this thread and only 3-4 years ago we were lamenting that gloves would probably never come back and be a fringe fashion at best. And yet, there is a resurgence in celebrities wearing them and thanks to show such as Bridgerton and people dressing up more in roaring 20's garb, they have made a comeback.

As far as more casual wear (and formal/costume wear for that matter), I think smartphones are the biggest obstacle and why you see people still avoiding gloves. I'm a baffled that glove makers do not more readily incorporate conductive thread into the fingers of gloves as it would resolve the issue and perhaps help sales more. If people could use their smartphones without having to take a gloves off all the time or worse, cut a hole in the fingertips, I think they would be even more popular.

My wife has been resigned to either leaving her phone at home or having me carry it and check on it if something comes up or she wants a picture taken. I know she gets frustrated that she can't readily operate a phone if she is gloved. It's not a big deal, but again, why even have the frustration if a solution is there.
Totally agree if they were more touchscreen friendly and smoother I think it Spark a slow come back. Also doesn’t help there is a movement of people who want to do or wear even as little as possible. In all honesty it’s not hard to casually talk to someone about gloves and in a positive way. Makes them think ohh well gloves aren’t so bad. I still find people who are like ohh hold on let me put some gloves on then they go, you know actually I would like to wear them more often but I don’t want to be looked at differently. They never end up doing it but it’s funny the want is there.
Some one yesterday told me the gloves were a great idea because people are gross lol. Ended up offering her some and she put them right on and said that works thanks.

A lot of my shows are old are old fashioned westerns and most women and men are wearing gloves. It’s just a nice style that could be brought back. If celebrities can wear them we can to I agree.
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