Dinner for two

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Dinner for two

Post by sands_erica »

I have been seeing this guy, Bradley, for over a month now. He is handsome and fit enough. He is a technology executive at a consulting firm. Over the course of the month, I have found that he has been showing somewhat submissive tendencies, particularly in late night conversations. He invited me over for dinner and would not let me lift a finger to help and was very forth coming with tending to my needs. When things got a little raunchy, I would naturally take control because he was less pro-active and I like things to keep moving and keep them exciting. At his house, we were watching tv and playing around fully-clothed on his couch, and I slapped him on the arse as I got up to fetch some crisps, jokingly saying “You’ll be my bitch when I am through with you.” All he could do was let out a nervous laugh. That is when I realised and I stopped and asked, “You’d like that wouldn’t you?” and he just looked at me with a stupid smile. I went and sat back down, and put my feet up on the coffee table, then told him to get me the crisps, which he immediately did. I followed up with an order of water in a glass with ice, which was immediately delivered.

Fast forward to the following week. I invited Bradley around to my house for dinner, where I had made a three-course meal and had set out the table nicely. He arrived a little late but he had an amazing wine, so he was forgiven and we sat and enjoyed our meal. It wasn’t formal, it was relaxed, and I wore my black leather pants and a nice white blouse, hair tied back messily, he was in jeans, a collared shirt and leather shoes.
Upon finishing the dinner, we both chatted, laughed and had more wine, and we started getting a little touchy feely. I pulled back when he came in for a kiss “Woah, woah. No, now, before we get into that, this kitchen isn’t going to clean itself up,” I said standing.
“Let me help,” he said, standing and gathering the plates form the table. I simply grabbed my wine and stood back to let him do so.
He took the first lot into the kitchen and I had followed him in with my glass of wine. When he realised I hadn’t brought anything but my wine in, I saw a surprise on his face and he quipped “Oh, you have your wine, good,” which we both smiled at. He went and cleared the rest of the dining table.
When he had placed the rest of the plates and cutlery on the kitchen bench, his back was turned to me. I had grabbed the pink rubber gloves from under the sink and held them up and I said “I don’t have a dishwasher, so you’ll have to wash them by hand, I am afraid,”
His head spun around to see if I was joking. I didn’t budge. He looked to the gloves and laughingly asked “You’re serious?”
“I am,” and I lightly shook the gloves in front of him, with a little smile.
He took the gloves and said under his breath “Okay,” looking at the sinks and the collection of dishes, not knowing where to start. “Only because you are so sexy,” he said.
I moved behind him and grabbed his arse so tight that he jumped, and I whispered seductively into his ear, “And because you want to. It turns you on when I tell you what to do,” and I bit his ear hard.
He breathed heavily, leaned forward on the bench and dropped the gloves.
“Pick them up, hurry up,” I said, at this point deciding to take it to the next level and went to the pantry to retrieve my pink and white skirt apron. He had picked up the gloves and was watching what I was doing.
“No,” he started to protest.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’ll wear this in my kitchen,” I said.
“I’m not wearing..”
“You are wearing it,” I said, cutting him off.
I moved toward him and threaded it over his head, tying it off around his waist.
“There we go,” I said, standing back and straightening the apron out. “Beautiful. Now, come on, we don’t have all night. Get those rubber gloves on and get washing,”
I stood back, leaning against the stove and took another sip of my wine, smirking at my success.
“At least give me a kiss,” he protested, moving in toward me.
I put a finger up in front of him, “Ah, ah, not until after you’ve washed those dishes,”
“Oh, you are hot,” he said, pulling on the gloves.
“We’re just getting started,” I said.
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Re: Dinner for two

Post by tronn206 »

A good start.😜
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Re: Dinner for two

Post by EJA1985 »

Very cool indeed.
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Re: Dinner for two

Post by aussiegloveboy »

Oh my! Please, where is part two? :)
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Re: Dinner for two

Post by Rbrsara »

I love bossy women...and rubber gloves.
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