Dinner for two

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Dinner for two

Post by sands_erica »

I have been seeing this guy, Bradley, for over a month now. He is handsome and fit enough. He is a technology executive at a consulting firm. Over the course of the month, I have found that he has been showing somewhat submissive tendencies, particularly in late night conversations. He invited me over for dinner and would not let me lift a finger to help and was very forth coming with tending to my needs. When things got a little raunchy, I would naturally take control because he was less pro-active and I like things to keep moving and keep them exciting. At his house, we were watching tv and playing around fully-clothed on his couch, and I slapped him on the arse as I got up to fetch some crisps, jokingly saying “You’ll be my bitch when I am through with you.” All he could do was let out a nervous laugh. That is when I realised and I stopped and asked, “You’d like that wouldn’t you?” and he just looked at me with a stupid smile. I went and sat back down, and put my feet up on the coffee table, then told him to get me the crisps, which he immediately did. I followed up with an order of water in a glass with ice, which was immediately delivered.

Fast forward to the following week. I invited Bradley around to my house for dinner, where I had made a three-course meal and had set out the table nicely. He arrived a little late but he had an amazing wine, so he was forgiven and we sat and enjoyed our meal. It wasn’t formal, it was relaxed, and I wore my black leather pants and a nice white blouse, hair tied back messily, he was in jeans, a collared shirt and leather shoes.
Upon finishing the dinner, we both chatted, laughed and had more wine, and we started getting a little touchy feely. I pulled back when he came in for a kiss “Woah, woah. No, now, before we get into that, this kitchen isn’t going to clean itself up,” I said standing.
“Let me help,” he said, standing and gathering the plates form the table. I simply grabbed my wine and stood back to let him do so.
He took the first lot into the kitchen and I had followed him in with my glass of wine. When he realised I hadn’t brought anything but my wine in, I saw a surprise on his face and he quipped “Oh, you have your wine, good,” which we both smiled at. He went and cleared the rest of the dining table.
When he had placed the rest of the plates and cutlery on the kitchen bench, his back was turned to me. I had grabbed the pink rubber gloves from under the sink and held them up and I said “I don’t have a dishwasher, so you’ll have to wash them by hand, I am afraid,”
His head spun around to see if I was joking. I didn’t budge. He looked to the gloves and laughingly asked “You’re serious?”
“I am,” and I lightly shook the gloves in front of him, with a little smile.
He took the gloves and said under his breath “Okay,” looking at the sinks and the collection of dishes, not knowing where to start. “Only because you are so sexy,” he said.
I moved behind him and grabbed his arse so tight that he jumped, and I whispered seductively into his ear, “And because you want to. It turns you on when I tell you what to do,” and I bit his ear hard.
He breathed heavily, leaned forward on the bench and dropped the gloves.
“Pick them up, hurry up,” I said, at this point deciding to take it to the next level and went to the pantry to retrieve my pink and white skirt apron. He had picked up the gloves and was watching what I was doing.
“No,” he started to protest.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’ll wear this in my kitchen,” I said.
“I’m not wearing..”
“You are wearing it,” I said, cutting him off.
I moved toward him and threaded it over his head, tying it off around his waist.
“There we go,” I said, standing back and straightening the apron out. “Beautiful. Now, come on, we don’t have all night. Get those rubber gloves on and get washing,”
I stood back, leaning against the stove and took another sip of my wine, smirking at my success.
“At least give me a kiss,” he protested, moving in toward me.
I put a finger up in front of him, “Ah, ah, not until after you’ve washed those dishes,”
“Oh, you are hot,” he said, pulling on the gloves.
“We’re just getting started,” I said.
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Re: Dinner for two

Post by tronn206 »

A good start.😜
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Re: Dinner for two

Post by EJA1985 »

Very cool indeed.
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Re: Dinner for two

Post by aussiegloveboy »

Oh my! Please, where is part two? :)
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Re: Dinner for two

Post by Rbrsara »

I love bossy women...and rubber gloves.
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Re: Dinner for two

Post by sands_erica »

Things were going well, Bradley was responding just as I had hoped for, which confirmed my assumptions of him. So, now i decided to push it a little further, a little reward and punishment.

I grabbed my black leather gloves, a thin black spanking paddle and my phone from my room.. i thought about grabbing the black latex mask, no, far too soon - i was not sure how he would respond to that.

Making my way into the kitchen, i was glad to see his progress on the dishes. I moved in behind him, grabbing his waste, one hand holding my leather gloves, i looked over his right shoulder and softly spoke into his ear, complimenting him on his progress.

"This is what i like to see," I said. "This is what I like in a man. A man unafraid to be humiliated, to don an apron and pink rubber gloves and get stuck into the housework. A man who is willing to take orders from a woman without shame. It takes a real man to know his place in a relationship,"

He simply chuckled and continued on washing.

"You know if you keep this up, then i think we are going to have a good and long relationship. Is that what you want? Would that make you happy?"

The word 'relationship' seemed to strike a chord with him and he stopped and looked at me. "Yes, absolutely," he said gleefully.

"Good. I look forward to it. I think it is safe to say we are in a relationship, now, don't you?" i asked.
"Yeah, yes, i think so,"

I stood back held my phone up and asked him to turn around and as he did, i started taking photos of him, head to toe, pink rubber gloves and the read and white skirt apron, a tea towel over his shoulder. It caught him off guard and he was confused.

"What are you doing?" he protested.

I giggled while responding, "Nothing, nothing. I just think you look cute and.... it's kind of a backup in case you leave me or hurt me," I burst out laughing. He didn't know if I was telling the truth or not (I was). At this point, he saw the leather gloves I was holding in my hand. Grabbing his shoulders, I turned him back towards the kitchen sink to continue his job.

"Now, there are only two pairs of gloves i wear in relationships," i started.

Moving him aside a little, i reached down and grabbed a pair of yellow rubber gloves out from under the kitchen sink and placed them on the side bench, as i did with the leather gloves.

"Rubber gloves and leather gloves," i said pointing at both, "And it really depends on the occasion and circumstance...and i never do housework. Are you okay with that?" i asked.

He looked at the gloves and then at me, obviously still a little confused, but he answered yes.

"You understand that I never do housework? In this relationship?" i confirmed.

"Yes, you never do housework and you only wear two pairs of gloves in a relationship, rubber or leather," he said, reluctantly.

"Okay, good. Would you like to see and example of both, now?" I asked.

"Sure," he hesitated.

"Which first?"

"The rubber gloves, i guess. Perhaps you can dry these dishes for me," he laughed, holding out the tea towel.
I didn't laugh.

"You didn't hear me did you?" i said, smiling, "A good time to start with the leather gloves, then, i guess."

I puled the leather gloves on in front of him, he had stopped what he was doing and smiling a dumb, cute smile.

"Undo you belt and drop your pants," i said.

With a little argument and playful encouragement, he did so.

"Your girly pink rubber gloved hands on the bench, sir," i said to rub in some humiliation. He did so, looking backwards.

"Looking forwards," i commanded.

He did so.

I lined up his arse with the paddle.

"I don't do housework," i said, and slammed down the paddle on his arse. His body flinched, as he gave out a yelp. I gave him a second and a third. He was laughing, probably in disbelief. I laid down another four until he was pulling his reddening arse away in anticipation. I rubbed his arse with my leather gloved hand and moved in close, again.

"Did you like that?" i whispered into his ear.
"Not really,"
"No, well, you better learn to like it,"
"Since, i have treated you to your first punishment, i guess, i'll also treat you to your first reward," i said.

I pulled off the leather gloves and placed them and the paddle down on the bench, then grabbed and pulled on the yellow rubber gloves.

"Remember, i wear rubber gloves, but I do not do housework," i said and I reached around him and dipped the gloves into the soapy warm water, before grabbing his half erect manhood with one warm soapy rubber gloved hand and I started stroking. I twisted his nipple with the other gloved hand, then cupped his testicles. He grew more and more erect. I bit his ear and told him to lie down on the cold tiled kitchen floor. He did so.

Turning 180 degrees, wearing my leather pants, i placed my crotch directly in place with his mouth, moving around to ensure i had the most snug fit.

"Chew it," i commanded, and so he did, chewing through the leather, i felt the massage and pleasure. I moved about to increases the feelings and pleasure, before grabbing his manhood, again, stroking in tune with his chewing. Biting my lip, i leaned forward and started pleasuring his manhood orally and then pulling and pulling until he exploded over himself and the floor. I sat there a while longer and, subtly, positioned my knees over his arms to restrain them. I adjusted my crouch to cover his entire mouth and squeezed my thighs against his head, so he couldn't move it. He struggled to breathe. He struggled to move. He started twisting his body from side to side. I slapped his limp penis with my yellow rubber-gloved hand and laughed. Then, I slapped it, again. And, again. And then, i released him. He gasped for air, but before he could take a full breath i collapsed back over his mouth with my crotch and squeezed the thighs, again. He immediately started squirming about trying to free himself. He needed to know who is in control. I eventually let him go and he took a deep breath, his pink gloved hands raised as if to keep me from doing it, again.

I moved backwards and was looking down, my hair draping across his upside down face, as his breath settled. I caressed his face with my yellow rubber gloves.

"How did you like that?" i asked.

He took a moment to respond.

"That was amazing," he said.

"I know,"

For shits and giggles, i clasped one gloved hand over his mouth and pinched his nose with the other. He grabbed my wrists and i held firm, laughing a maniacal laugh, I brought my face down close to his and his widening eyes. I held on until he broke free. I stood up and grabbed my black leather gloves and paddle.

"Right after you finish the dishes and cleaning up this mess, it will be your turn to pleasure me,"

I didn't care fo his response.

"I expect this kitchen to be meticulous when you are done and don't you dare leave me waiting,"

I walked out of the kitchen.
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Re: Dinner for two

Post by sands_erica »

By the way, if you wonder why these things take a long time, I am writing an actual fetish story, based on this, but it has a different diabolical twist that you wouldn't expect and will love. Alas, it takes time and time is money, so, it's all about balance.

'till next time...
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Re: Dinner for two

Post by sands_erica »

aussiegloveboy wrote: Mon Jan 09, 2023 11:44 pm Oh my! Please, where is part two? :)
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Re: Dinner for two

Post by Talon5Karrde »

What about a Part 3?

Is this going to become a Rubberist Home?
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