Lat3xKitty's Introduction to Gloves. (Medical/Surgical & Latex Fetish)

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Lat3xKitty's Introduction to Gloves. (Medical/Surgical & Latex Fetish)

Post by Lat3xKitty »

This is the full story of my history... in comparison to the more simplified version which is shared on my site and FetLife.

Let's bring back the story to when I was about 3-4 years old (yep, it started here)
As a young child my parents had tried to get me into doing the dishes, and they seem to noticed that I had some enjoyment for the washing up gloves, so much so that I wanted to even have my own pair. My memory is very short on this given it happened around 20 years ago πŸ˜…
Ironically, I have no idea what had happened to these, however I suspect my parents had likely got rid of them without knowing the implications...

Come Year 5 (9 to 10 years for you people over the water) in primary school we had done a project to create a Trojan Horse out of lots of lovely different craft items, one of which was a Nitrile Glove. I was never a naughty student, but seemed to have some urge to take it home. I'm not sure what it was but putting it on just gave me some tingly feelings for short periods of time, and I used to wear it while I was reading a book or something.

Finally, in Year 8 (12 to 13 years old), we had started to some Textiles, and one of the jobs was using tie dying some clothing we were making. Again, some urge inside of me wanted to take a few pairs extra, and would put them into my back pocket. This was during a point in which I was exploring myself a bit πŸ‘€.
I started to buy some of my own pairs from a Pound land, which included 10 pairs of Nitrile or Latex gloves depending on what was found... Some boxes were amazing fit, some were terrible

I started exploring this, and purchasing other bits of Latex Gloves here and there.
Some included 5.5 Ansell Latex Sterile gloves which were nice and Thick and tight fitting (almost too tight TBH).
A box of Small Bodyguard Latex Powder Free Gloves (Ironically they sent me powdered ones, and they let me keep both boxes 😻)
Some UniGloves Black Pearl Nitrile Gloves in XS
Sterile Biogel gloves

However, I hated the fact that I would have to bin off all the gloves I was using... Just meant waste full.
So I looked into Latex Fetish gloves, and started off small with a simple Gauntlet, Collar and Hair Clip. This didn't quite give me the same feeling at first, but I explored.
I bought a full arm length pair of Latex fetish gloves while I was on a trip to my Grandparents house.
I loved these as they would cover my arm fully, and allowed for me to explore my body all the more with better feeling as the thicker latex was such a nice feeling to the sort of "Drone" feeling that Fetish Latex has.

I started buying more outfits and exploring more and more, and it was just better and better with each latex item I bought. 😭

In the UK when Covid hit, we had a Scheme called Furlough, which basically paid us a decent amount of our normal wage but had to do 0 work. I was in Furlough from April -> Mid October.
April -> May/June I had kinda given up with the normal random stuff I had done... and had shared a few pictures of my Clothes to some of the fetish communities I had joined on discord.

Eventually I decided that I could share some more with the world by putting them on Instagram & Twitter and the compliments and likes would be something to help keep myself mentally positive during the crap times of Covid. With this I've been able to explore my Fetish and Surgical glove experience more and more.
From doing Medical March a month dedicated to sharing photos of more of my Medical side of sharing to just generally sharing pictures of Latex and Medical Nurse pictures.
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Re: Lat3xKitty's Introduction to Gloves. (Medical/Surgical & Latex Fetish)

Post by Medfet69 »

Thank you so much for sharing! I too have had a fascination with them for most of my life, and I love your modeling on fetlife as well
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Re: Lat3xKitty's Introduction to Gloves. (Medical/Surgical & Latex Fetish)

Post by Vetglover »

That's a wonderful story and I can definitely relate to it. I even had a Tie Die event myself. The latex at then end was covered in dye and smelled amazing. Sadly I was forced to toss mine tho
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