Part 2, The RGH - Wicked and Wonder

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Part 2, The RGH - Wicked and Wonder

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The RGH - Wicked and Wonder

(This story will make more sense if you read the first part, “Join Us At The RGH.” I really appreciate all the PM requests for more of this story. Here is the next chapter).

I’ve been one of the hosts at the RGH (Rubber Glove Hub) now for over a year. It’s been a new world for me, being completely open and active in my fetish life now. On a typical evening at the Hub people start coming in around 6pm. At first I was surprised by how many people were members and regulars. Now, I know them all by name and have enjoyed glove love fun with most of them.

One evening, Jane, another host, and I were covering the greeting area and in walked two fabulous women wearing latex leggings and black fetish rubber gloves.

“Hello, is this your first time at the RGH? I asked, knowing it was. I most definitely would have remembered them.

The tall redhead stepped forward, “We’ve heard about this place. How does it work?”

I looked at Jane and asked, “Maybe you’d like a tour. Would you like to be shown around by Jane or me?”

They looked at each other conspiratorially, “We’d like to check the place out with someone with a nice healthy cock. Is that you?”

“Well, I can see we’re going to get along very nicely. Yes, me and my cock would love to show you around.”

Jane rolled her eyes and the women giggled.

“Can I ask your names?” Jane asked.

The redhead introduced them, ”I’m Wicked and this is Wonder.” The brunette, Wonder, just smiled.

“Alright, for starters, this is our welcome desk. We offer a large assortment of gloves. Some are for sale and others are for rent. They’re all for play.”

Wonder piped up, “Rent?”

“Yes, many of us find using gloves that others have enjoyed adds to the hotness of the experience. I see you are wearing your own, if you’d like to try anything else, just let us know.”

“I think we’ll be fine with ours for now. How about that tour?” Wonder added.

“Okay, let’s go.”

I took them down the many halls and showed off all our different rooms. I gave them the standard speech about confidentiality and no judgements. Both were agreeable and more and more excited as we checked the place out.

Even after all the time I’ve spent here, it still amazes and turns me on. What a wonderland of glove fetish!

I showed them to a room that was empty at the moment, “This is one of our more private rooms, although anyone might ask to join at any time.”

Wicked came close in front of me and Wonder moved in from behind. I could feel her breathing on my neck.

“Now, how about that nice cock?” Wicked sandwiched me between the two of them and took hold of my now hard dick.

“So, you’re more than ready to jump into what really makes the RGH unique?”

“Oh yea…” Wicked and Wonder started rippling their bodies against mine. I felt their full tits against me and the bulges in their skirts pressed against me front and back…wait a minute…bulges?

“Oh, holy shit, you’re…” I gasped.

“Yes, we are.” they both chimed in.

This was going to be a very interesting night, “Shall we sign you both up for full membership tonight?”

In response, they simply humped me from the front and rear.

Pulling myself free, I said, ”If that’s the case, let’s head back to reception to register you and find some gloves to have fun with.”

Wonder replied, “Lead on.”

Making our way back, we passed a number of rooms, I could see that the evening was heating up everywhere. As we got to the desk Jane smiled, “That was quick. Either the RGH is not for you or you’re eager to become a member and play.”

“These two are more than ready to become part of the Hub. Trust me, more than ready,” I winked.

Jane flashed a look at me; both curious and excited. She managed the paperwork to get Wicked and Wonder full members.

“Now that you’re full members and even though you’v got your own latex gloves, do you find any in our collection enticing? I think I’ll opt for this pair of black, elbow-length, heavy rubber gloves,” taking a pair down from a shelf.

Wicked and Wonder’s eyes lit up and they took a few minutes to try on multiple styles and colors. In the end (no pun…yet) Wicked chose to wear a pair of red 20ml rubber gloves and Wonder a pair of Marigold household yellow.

Jane was getting so horny that she grabbed my favorite pair of natural rubber gloves and asked, “Mind if I join you?”

Wicked led her from behind the counter and pulled her into a passionate kiss.

“Well I guess that answers that,” I said and put a sign on the counter we used for times like this. It said, “Gone Fishing”.

Without missing a beat, Wonder took hold of my hand and led us all back to the large room, we had just last seen.

When we got there, there were three members already in a tangle, enjoying each other. They looked up to see the four of us at the door.

Jim, a good looking middle-eastern man was out of breath, but with a smile, managed, “ Come on in, the water’s fine.”

I looked to see if this was still alright with our new members, but they were already moving toward the three.

Jane glided in with them, “Hey everybody, these are two new members, Wicked and Wonder. And this is Jim, Paula and Pam. Three of RGH’s regulars.”

“It’s nice to meet you all but there’s something you should know about us before we get in too deep (pun intended).” Both Wicked and Wonder slipped out of their short pleated skirts, revealing their 9” hard cocks, both in rubber sheaths.

Paula sat up, wide eyed, “Wow, four cocks, three pussies and five pairs of tits! Tonight’s going to be legendary.” Pam offered her hand to the “newbies” as we divested ourselves of unnecessary clothing and fell into a pile together.

So many sensual bodies and so much rubber…my head was swimming. Wonder locked lips with me and I took hold of her very hard latex clad dick in my thick rubber gloves. She moaned and began to thrust hard into my hand. At the same time, she reached for me and enveloped my pre-cum dripping cock in her Marigolds.

Pam knew how much I got off on having my nipples administered to by her clinging surgical gloves. She pinched, pulled and nibbled me just the way I like it.

I felt another hand caressing my ass in my favorite smooth, soft natural rubber. (What was this…my birthday?) I knew that Jane would soon find my asshole. She did and swirled her middle finger in a slow circle, rimming me.

The first round of this evening’s euphoria came quickly and intensely.

Wonder was getting off on her cock slamming into my thick, black glove so much that she suddenly exploded through the hole in the end of her cock sheath and showered my belly with her hot, sticky cum. She just kept shooting and shooting one fiery load after another until her breathing started to calm and her kissing became sensual and extremely intimate. Her Marigold clad hand squeezed me tight. She reached to take some of her cum off me and stroke my now red and throbbing dick.

Jane saw this and dipped her natural rubber gloved hand in Wonder’s cum and continued to rim my ass. The silky smoothness of her natural gloves slathered in that glistening jizz…oh, God, I was in heaven.

Suddenly I felt Wicked’s hard latex clad dick now in my face, urgently seeking my mouth, replacing Wonder’s lips. I had never taken a cock in my mouth before. I was a little hesitant which made Wicked even more insistent as she simply shoved her hot, huge member straight into my mouth and down my throat causing me to start to choke.

“Just relax and take it in. I’m going to fuck you whether you choke or not, may as well learn to enjoy it,” she breathed with a husky voice.

Right then Wonder and Jane turned up the heat. Jane shoved two fingers deep in me from behind and Wonder jacked me off in earnest. I nearly passed out being fucked in so many ways. I simply gave in to it and found that I loved the feeling of having my throat truly fucked. It made it all the more “wicked” that her cock was encased in a fabulous latex sheath.

We all kept increasing the intensity when, all at once Wicked started shuddering and let her hot cum gush down my throat. Jane rammed her whole fist up my ass and I let out a burbled howl of ecstasy while I bucked into Wonder’s Marigolds. She brought her face down to bathe in my hot cum as I jerked hard all over her, covering her face and down to her glistening tits.

I had no idea where Paula an Jim were but very soon I heard Paula say, “Yes, fuck my ass and cunt, make me take it all.”

Just before I lost consciousness, I watched as Wonder and Jim did just that.
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Re: Part 2, The RGH - Wicked and Wonder

Post by latexlover1234 »

God I love this storyline!! Extremely well written and detailed as well! I can’t wait for part 3!!!
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Re: Part 2, The RGH - Wicked and Wonder

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Thanks, means a lot.
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Re: Part 2, The RGH - Wicked and Wonder

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Oh my god! I am sooo horny right now 8D - even after having relieved myself already :rolleyes: please give us more adventures :up: :twisted:
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