Poll/discussion about Fingernails.

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Do you love long nails?

Love them!
Hate them!
They are okay...
No opinion
It’s complicated, read my comment
Total votes: 43

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Poll/discussion about Fingernails.

Post by pinkrubbergloves »

Just wanted to have a nice chat about women’s finger nails and the connection to gloves in general. I am very specific.

I personally am not a fan of long nails overall. Especially longer pointy ones. They are more of a turn off for me because I don’t think gloves fit nice with longer nails. I’m not even a fan of nail polish to be honest. But there is something I find very sexy when a woman wears rubber gloves to protect her nails lol. The only type of nails I prefer on a woman is the French Manicure like below. I find them to be very sexy but everything else is a big no for me.

Maybe the someone can change my mind or open new ideas for me. Please post images of what you like!!

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Re: Poll/discussion about Fingernails.

Post by tronn206 »

I do love women with long nails. But if it's between long nails but can't wear gloves or, god forbid, wear fingerless gloves or short nails but can wear gloves. I'll go with short nails.😁
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Re: Poll/discussion about Fingernails.

Post by ghostrider »

Long nails under tight latex gloves 😊 so hot
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Re: Poll/discussion about Fingernails.

Post by Glovegirls »


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Re: Poll/discussion about Fingernails.

Post by Blue Cap »

I love long nails but there’s a limit. I don’t really like it if the nail is too long and is on the verge of breaking the gloves.
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Re: Poll/discussion about Fingernails.

Post by EyesLikeLenses »

Slightly longer, well manicured nails are ok. Really long nails, especially when they are acrylic, look terrible.
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Re: Poll/discussion about Fingernails.

Post by countrylatexglover »

The new really long nails no. Can’t wear gloves and don’t know how those people function day to day either. Regular French manicure or something more normal yes go for it. Especially when the color pops through the gloves!
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Re: Poll/discussion about Fingernails.

Post by Ceramic »

no opinion (maybe if i was a female i had one lol)
normally u can cover them nails with the gloves,but if they nails are massive long and coult tear the gloves...then its a bit of an issue i suppose.
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