What's your Glove Fantasy... even if it's impossible!

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Re: What's your Glove Fantasy... even if it's impossible!

Post by countrylatexglover »

Would love to just feel medical gloves on me for hours as I’m rock hard then slowly get an extensive either exam or massage of my member till I let go.
Not even a hand job just the gloves feeing it till it lets go.
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Re: What's your Glove Fantasy... even if it's impossible!

Post by GlamorousGloves »

My fantasy is impossible, but I'd love to share it.

I have a fantasy that I'm at home naked masturbating in bed. I hear a knock at the door. It's the police and they're threatening to knock down my door unless I open it immediately. In a rush of panic I pull on some boxers and answer the door. Multiple officers pounce onto me and restrain me on the ground. They tell me to stop resisting and place me in handcuffs. There are so many officers surrounding me to hold me down I don't know who's hands are whos.

I'm pulled up without even an explanation and placed in the back of a police car. I'm then driven to the police station by a convoy of police officers. Once they get me to the station they drag me out of the police car and into the building. It is very embarrassing and a humiliating to be seminude surrounded by so many police officers in uniform.

The officers talk among themselves about me and ignore my questions. I'm taken to an interrogation room where they accuse me of multiple crimes. I tell them I'm innocent, however they're not convinced. They believe I could be harboring illegal substances inside my body and they're willing to do whatever it takes to remove them.

I'm told to remove my boxers. I refuse. This leads to several police officers storming the interrogation room and restraining me. I'm laid down onto my back on the table as multiple officers begin donning various nitrile and latex gloves. Some officers hold me down, others part my legs. Some officers stand and watch, whilst others insert their fingers into my anus. They probe my anus thoroughly. Each time an officer finishes their search another takes their place. They have received an anonymous tip that the drugs are inside my body and they won't stop until they're obtained.

After so much manhandling and stimulation on my prostate my penis is throbbing. It's incredibly embarrassing to be laying there exposed in front of all the uniformed authority figures. Eventually the room fills up and there are so many police officers who've taken turns probing my anus and restraining me I cannot keep track of who may have taken a second turn or not. The officers finally give up stimulating my prostate and declare that the drugs must be stored somewhere else.

The officers talk among themselves and ignore my pleas for a lawyer. They discuss my swollen testicles and take turns pointing, groping and massaging them between their fingers. They wonder if I'm hiding the illegal substances within my balls and if they can extract it via my semen.

The officers yet again take action. Their are so many police officers around me with their hands on my naked body I can't move. They're holding me in place whilst other officers use their gloved hands to stroke and massage my penis. I can hear various walkie talkies and radios in the room. Officers talk among themselves about how to efficiently and quickly extract my semen for lab analysis.

All the officers in the room come to the conclusion that the more stimulation I experience the sooner I'll hand over the semen sample. They use their powerful hands to grope, molest and caress my vulnerable naked body. Other officers using their fingers to further massage my prostate. Other officers toy with my penis with their gloved hands. Many officers are watching, waiting for their turn to replace the officer in front of them once they get tired.

I eventually erupt a healthy load of semen in the most intense orgasm I've ever experienced. My semen shoots like a rocket out of the tip of my penis causing multiple officers to laugh. They however want to make sure they drain every last drop and milk me another 3 times afterwards. I'm then taken to a cell and left in there naked, whilst the semen samples are sent to the lab for analysis. It's later revealed that I wasn't harboring any drugs inside my testicles.

I am told I'm free to go and offered a lift home. I'm escorted to the police car, still nude... On the journey home we get caught in traffic. Leaving me naked for a long period of time in the presence of two police officers. They wont talk to me and sit in silence. I feel awkward and wonder if those officers took part in milking me earlier that day.

The police car eventually pulls up outside my home. I leave and thank the officers for their service. As I run into the house the police car drives away. This isn't the last time I hear from the police after this event...
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Re: What's your Glove Fantasy... even if it's impossible!

Post by Ceramic »

my current fantasy is any home on earth where theres women in it - would wear long gloves,everyday,even for few mins.

just for the fun of it ;),so us guys wont have to ask for it \ persuade \ beg \ other ways...

just wearing gloves women! whats so hard about it? not a date or going out...

(sorry,was being a bit frustrated for this post :p)
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Re: What's your Glove Fantasy... even if it's impossible!

Post by Siro »

Mine would be being tied up like in a dungeon type setting unable to move much, completely naked while 2 beautiful girls slowly put on a pair of marigolds (have a couple of different pairs there to change and try)
They start off caressing me with the gloves saying they heard I had a thing for marigolds. Instantly making me hard.
Then they say we heard you’re very ticklish too. Both of them proceed to tickle me senseless making me beg them to stop but secretly loving every second. They tickle my underarms and feet finding them my worst spots then wank me off with their marigolds, tickling my balls and making me shoot a massive amount of cum.
Then after I came they would tickle me more knowing how sensitive I would be afterwards.
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Re: What's your Glove Fantasy... even if it's impossible!

Post by pond »

My wife and I have already played out a lot of my fantasy. Surgical sex- dressed in authentic surgical gear and gloves. Fortunately my wife works in an OR in the hospital so we have access to legit supplies. Then just being pegged in general, also bought latex catsuit to wear, this was some of the best sex we have ever had, she thoroughly loved the feel of us pressing against each other wearing latex. So the next steps would be, i would like to be pegged in a gyno chair, with her in surgical gear. Another sex swing pegging in our catsuits.

But i will kinda go the impossible root, and a huge turn on is watching female surgeons operate. And once in awhile i picture them operating on me while i pleasure myself. Now i highly doubt this would be enjoyable for real.

But something i have debated about trying but the wife has kinda shut down was, urethra sounding. I find it hot to watch, especially with tight surgical gloves.
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Re: What's your Glove Fantasy... even if it's impossible!

Post by Someguy »

My impossible fantasy is meeting a woman who literally never takes her gloves off. And when I say literally never takes them off, I mean they have stayed on her hands her entire adult life and will continue to stay on, not coming off even to shower. I do enjoy the fantasy that her gloves are "locked" on with wrist cuffs or the like but I like the idea that she just willing won't remove them.
Impossible obviously just for fingernails alone, but I'd settle for someone who only takes them off to shower and give herself a manicure and otherwise wears them all the time.
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