Dinner with a girlfriend

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Dinner with a girlfriend

Post by Dan25 »

I went to a friend's house to dinner

During dinner, the topic of machismo and feminism came up

I was of the opinion that there were tasks that were essentially women's, such as washing dishes and all the household chores

My friend, of course, thought that this was a backwards thought, that these tasks could be done by men

I reinforced my opinion and thinking by telling her that kitchen aprons were usually feminine or made for women, just like rubber gloves. It's rare, I told him, to find kitchen aprons and gloves in a man's house, whereas surely in a woman's house there would be such items

She told me that she was right about that....that she had kitchen aprons and rubber gloves.

I laughed...... And I said....you saw that I was right????

Yes... She replied, but that doesn't prove anything at all. I can have them for guests coming over for dinner to use, for them to do the dishes

Hahah I laughed again....what do you say? You invited me to dinner and now I'm the one who has to wash your dishes?

Yes....of course, it's the right thing to do, isn't it??

But are you telling me this seriously?

Of course..... we're all alone..... you can show me that you're not so macho.......and that you can wash the dishes just like a woman

Oops, I don't know....

What you don't know??? Come on....., I'll put the apron on you.......


But nothing...... You want to choose it???

Oops, I don't know.....this little pink is cute.....

Ahhh, good little woman, you like it, don't you?

Well...... Come on, I'll put that apron on you and also the pink gloves that match you
Oops, you look so cute, dressed like this, with gloves and apron, you look like a maid........

Oh my god..!!!!!

Are you going to wash the dishes well like maids do? With gloves and apron??

Comments: I write it into spanish (my language) and then use a translator.
I would like to receive suggestions about the script, to modify it or even to continue it
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Re: Dinner with a girlfriend

Post by Medfet69 »

I love it!!! I’d love to hear more like this!
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Re: Dinner with a girlfriend

Post by utfan78230 »

Sounds like a great story of turning him into a rubber glove wearing sissy maid!
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