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WWGFA rules

Post by Rommeltje »

These are the rules, please follow them.

1. If you are a minor in your country of origin then please do not view this forum.

2. Don't post underage content. You will be banned.

3. NO scat, NO beastiality. Glove content is a must for all boards. This is not a general fetish forum. Except for the non-glove boards, obviously, but even there no perversions.

4. The owner of this forum is not responsible for the content posted. Due to limited server space, uploading to this board is possible for very small files only, linking is preferred.

5. The board language is English. Do not write messages in another language. If you're worried your English is too bad, use Google Translate.

6. Don't spam! As you can read in the guide to the forum, spamming will not get you anywhere.

7. When you post a download link for a video, please also post a preview. You can learn how to make previews here.

8. Embed your youtubes. If you don't know how, read this. Obsolete. Youtubes are now embedded automatically.

9. Do not request on your first post. ("Thank you" does not count as a post.)

10. Don't be a douche; act nice and we'll all get along!

11. Don't share links to pirated content of friends of the forum (i.e., Glove Mansion, or any of our Glovely Diva's).

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