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Reputation Points/Likes

Post by Rommeltje »

Reputation points don't exist anymore. You can now 'like' a post by clicking on the little green thumb icon in the top-right corner.

As you may have noticed, each post has a little area on the right where it says who you are, how many posts you have and stuff like that. There is also a line for "reputation points," a nice new addition to this forum that might require some explanation.

Reputation points are basically appreciation points. Whenever you like something someone has posted, you can simply press the "thanks" button to show your appreciation. If you want, you can add a comment as well. Spread lots of thanks around and people will start giving it to you as well. Gain more points, and your title will change accordingly. For example, when you get to ten points, you become a "glove lover" while 50 points earns you the title of "Glove hero". In all, there are 7 titles to be earned, but you'll have to find out for yourself what those are. 8-)

Why do this? When you make a good post, it's nice too know your efforts are appreciated. In a way, the number of reputation points indicates the amount of respect one enjoys on this forum. But that's not the only reason. Giving thanks also encourages the poster to post more, which means you, as 'reputation giver' if you will, might get more of the kind of content you like.

If someone posts something you don't appreciate, you can also give negative reputation. However, only premium users have this ability. If someone gets a lot of negative reputation points - and is deserving of them - he will be banned from the forum.

Basically, there is no downside. :D

Now go forth and spread the rep! :D

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