Hello & Happy New Year

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Hello & Happy New Year

Post by EyesLikeLenses »

I just wanted to say hello and quickly introduce myself.

I'm from California and happily married to a beautiful woman who, coincidentally, also has a fetish for gloves. I met my wife at a concert a few years ago and after some time, I became aware of her love of gloves, especially leather gloves, which tend to be her preference, as well as mine. She also loves wearing leather, boots, and during the colder months, fur and wool coats. I can't really remember when I discovered my fetish for gloved women, but I consider myself very lucky to have married one.

Happy New Year. :up:
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Re: Hello & Happy New Year

Post by agloveislove »

Welcome ;)

Your wife sounds awesome! :P
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Re: Hello & Happy New Year

Post by GlovedYankee »

Welcome! Doncha just love supportive spouses. Now if I could get mine to wear gloves more often. He humors me on occasion. Just waiting to get him into a hot pair of black leather driving gloves. 😱
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Re: Hello & Happy New Year

Post by Ber75 »

Welcome Eyes . Hard to imagine that we also have fetishes
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Re: Hello & Happy New Year

Post by Luckyhubby »

Welcome, you indeed sound like a lucky man!
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Re: Hello & Happy New Year

Post by operalove »

Welcome to the forum. She sounds like the dream wife. Congrats and enjoy your passion together. It is amazing that a woman assigns those leather fetishes in her everyday life :)
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Re: Hello & Happy New Year

Post by Rommeltje »

Hello, and welcome! :whoop:

I've just returned from a road trip through your lovely state. It's beautiful! :D

What a wonderful coincidence for two glove lovers to find each other like that. And she's into boots as well? I can only agree with everyone else here that you are an extremely lucky man!

I hope you've been enjoying the forum so far!
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