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A Guide to the Forum

Post by Rommeltje »

First off, welcome to the forum. With this incarnation of the wwgfa, we hope to rebuild the glove fetish community that Jaymarvin put so much effort into before the final crash. In order to make this site the best for all glove lovers on the net, please read the rules and follow them.

Just like the old forum, there's several areas on this site that become accessible as you progress in the community. The system this time around works as follows:

- Guests (non-registered users) are not able to post or download anything, nor see any of the link, picture, or video areas.

- Newly registered users can see and make posts in Rules & Forum Help, The Sandbox, The Little Glove Mansion, The Glovely Divas' Den, the General Links Area, and the General Pictures Area.

- There are two ways that you can become a Premium member, either by making a one-time donation, which you can do here, or by just making (good) posts:

- As soon as you make your 15th post, you become eligible for a premium membership. You can't do anything new yet, but your name turns red, at which point the moderator team will take a look at your posting history. If you have made useful posts, you will be promoted. Useful posts/active behaviour include:
  • An introduction;
  • A contribution to the forum in the form of good (new) links or pictures;
  • A story about your personal experience with gloves (or a fictional story);
  • A meaningful reply to an ongoing discussion, or starting one;
  • Spreading and receiving likes. The better posts you make, and the more generous you are with giving it yourself, the more likes you'll receive, and the more likes you have, the easier you'll get premium access.
Useless posts are: "Thanks! That was great!" or any variation thereof. With only posts of the latter kind, you will not be allowed into the best parts of the forum. Also, be sure to take your time. If you make 15 posts in your first couple of days, it will be more likely that we'll make you wait extra long than that you'll get in right away - unless they're really good posts of course.

N.b.: Even if your posts are really good, you won't make premium earlier than one week after registering.

- If you are approved, you become a premium user, and you will be granted access to the WWGFA Members Club, the Premium Link & Picture Area and the Video Area.

Making thank you posts is discouraged; it will not get you further in the forum. If you want to show your appreciation for a posts, you can do so by clicking on the little thumb icon in the top right corner of the post.

Thanks, and welcome again to the forum!

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