What is your biggest glove related turnoff?

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What is the most dissatisfying thing to see when it comes to gloves?

Ripped gloves
Loose fitting gloves
A non-matching pair
A single glove (not a pair)
Bad material
Gloves in poor condition
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What is your biggest glove related turnoff?

Post by Georgesaker69 »

Interested to see what everyone’s pet peeve is with gloves. For me personally it’s loose gloves or material I don’t like (vinyl).
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Re: What is your biggest glove related turnoff?

Post by katertjekat »

Most serious turn-offs:

- too snug gloves, I like them to be slightly oversized on women's hands
- fancy cuffs
- men in rubber gloves (though I wear gloves myself, weird)
- too short gloves
- electricity lineman's gloves
- nitrile or neoprene gloves
- smoking and gloves
- gloves used for anal sex
- gloves used in any context with urine or faeces
- women wearing gloves being addressed in a derogatory/insulting way
- gloves in asmr context (hate all the whispering and finger fluttering) and accompanying comments below the videos
- fingerless 'gloves' (they're not gloves!)
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Re: What is your biggest glove related turnoff?

Post by dopefish »

holes in gloves or smoking
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Re: What is your biggest glove related turnoff?

Post by tronn206 »

I tried to select them all. :lmao:
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Re: What is your biggest glove related turnoff?

Post by weasel2000 »

My "Other" Fingerless gloves...(which really shouldn't be called gloves at all IMHO)
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Re: What is your biggest glove related turnoff?

Post by Carrie Karkus »

I was only given the option to pick two, but...

1.) Ripped gloves/gloves with holes in them
2.) Baggy/loose gloves (this includes thick industrial gloves)
3.) Gloves that have been used for anal sexual contact
4.) Gloves that have come into contact with feces, urine, or vomit
5.) Fingerless gloves
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Re: What is your biggest glove related turnoff?

Post by Ceramic »

short gloves,wrist and such - such a waste of material...

whats wrong with opera ones? at least 40cm long...the point is to cover your arm and hand,not just one of them...
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Re: What is your biggest glove related turnoff?

Post by sexcuir »

turn ons couture gloves leder skintight kid gloves boots perfectos cleavage underwear long hair brunettes cig sex
turn off everything disgusting scat piss piercings tattoos gore vomit sm dommes blood
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Re: What is your biggest glove related turnoff?

Post by pinkrubbergloves »

I don't like lipstick or anything on rubber gloves other than soap (suds/bubbles) lube, cum. They have to be glistening but not dirty at all.
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Re: What is your biggest glove related turnoff?

Post by VintageLeather »

I am talking about leather gloves here:

Turn offs:

a) Gloves designed for men - Ugly materials, broad as a paddle and as plyable as a wooden plank. Not everyone is a lumberjack style of man, there are people like me who enjoy their hands being outlined while covered in leather.
b) Seams - A seamless* glove is a second skin. Everything else is patchwork garbage. (* Seams that are required, e.g. at the fingers, the thumb and the side are of course excluded).
c) Everything non-vintage - Today's leather is a joke compared to what have been made decades ago. This resulted mostly in chemicals and their regulation used for tanning and China garbage to swamp the market. So when I can already see the "plastic overlay" on modern gloves I wonder if these men/women every touched (or worn) gloves from the 70s as comparison?
e) Unlined - Except for gloves with holes in it, unlined gloves are a no-go. With lining I also count in rayon, silk etc. So you can have an almost non-existant lining to preserve fidelity, but geez, don't let me touch suede if not needed.
f) Unneccesary damages - I am not talking about wear. In fact, I love worn-in gloves. I am talking about when the leather has this "scratched off" attitude to it where I often wonder if the previous owners were moving it down a cheese grater.
g) Stiffness - If you dried your leather gloves with a blowdryer or on our radiator, they are gone. Period. No need to sell them.
h) "International fit" - As soon as I see a tag inside gloves I know they are not vintage, but sometimes still interesting enough. Back then, gloves have been sold locally and thus no tag have been needed. But when I see "EU", "US" etc. inside I know the gloves won't fit. And as the saying goes, gloves should fit. I just hate it when there is space between my fingertips and the glove's tips. Buying - in my case - European is a must.
i) Logos on them - I am buying leather gloves, not an advertisement space. "HUGO BOSS", "KELVIN KLEIN", yeah, whatever. Distracting as fuck, but then, all the ugly gloves have this on them, so that's ruled out.
j) Pull here! - You probably know those seams at the wrist of a glove where you are supposed to pull it down? If you need to pull down a glove, it's not the right size. And no, those areas look hideous as fuck.
k) Everything that is not goat or sheep leather - Suede, eh no. Peccary? Eww!
l) Plastic. Do not call it "Vegan Leather" or "PLeather" or whatever. It is plastic, it looks like that and it feels like that. When you pull over black trash bag polyethylene over your hands I can't take you seriously. That is like buying a fake iPhone which is actually a kid's toy and pretend you have money.
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